Alta Vista -- Hot Tub Reprogramming


The control system of the hot tub is programmed for properly interfacing with the solar collector system and to provide silence (pumps remaining off) during the night hours. Specifically, it is programmed such that the pump is off from midnight to 10AM and calls regular heating during 10AM until midnight.  Heating will be done with solar heat from 10AM to 4PM and with electric heat thereafter until 10PM.  During an overcast day, little solar heat is available, and the water will remain somewhat cool until the start of the electric heating at 4PM.  While the electric heater is strong enough to make up for the daily heat loss even when starting that late in the day, the rate of electric heating is only 2 degrees per hour, and it may take until the evening hours until the water is warm to comfort. 

A problem arises when the power to the hot tub is interrupted, such as during a power outage.  The control system then reverts back to factory settings, and re-programming becomes necessary.  To reprogram, open the cover half-way to provide free access to the control panel on top of the rim.

Re-Programming Time of Day

  • Press and hold the "Time" button for three seconds, until the time is shown and the hour is flashing.
  • Using the up and down keys (which are the same as the "Time" and "Temp" buttons), adjust the hours and press the "set" key, and the minutes will flash
  • Set the minutes, then press the "set" key twice.

(Very important: mind the "AM" indicator light.  It is the top of the 4 lights to the left of the up and down keys. If it is lit, you are setting the AM hours, and it is off for the PM hours; the other three lights are unrelated and unimportant).

Re-Programming the Pump Silence Times

(Note that, whenever you make no entry during a period of more than 30 seconds, the system reverts to the default values, and you need to start all over). 

  • press the "Time" and "set" keys together to start the programming.  The read-out will say "FP1".
  • Press the "UP" or "Down" key several times until the read-out shows "SILd" (meaning "silence duration" setting)
  • press "set"  (because you want to set the duration of the silencer).
  • pressing the "UP" key 10 times, set the silencing time to 10 hours, then press "set" to engage this value;  "SILd" will appear again.
  • now you are almost done.  All that's left to do is to save this number just entered with the "SEND" command.  To do this, use the "UP" key several times until the readout says "SEND"
  • now hit "set" one more time, and you are done. 

You can, in principle, check if everything was accepted properly, by going back into the programming mode (pressing "Time" and "set" keys together) and then pressing "set" and "UP" and "Down" as required to get you through the entire procedure, but of course not re-entering the number 10 (hours), as it should now already be OK.