Terms and Conditions for Renting Bella Vista

By way of our communication about your rental of Bella Vista, leading to your payment, you agree that you have read and understand these terms and conditions and agree to abide by them. You understand and concur that, for reasons of expedience and for your convenience, we do not require mailing or faxing a formally signed Rental Contract but that, instead, this document, together with the personal data submitted with the e-mail into which it is incorporated, or submitted bona-fide in the on-line booking process, serves as a binding Rental Contract. Specifically, you agree to pay such charges as may be presented to you in writing and may result from careless treatment of the premises and/or not following these terms and conditions. And you agree that any controversy or claim arising out of, or relating to, this rental agreement, or the breach thereof, shall be determined by mediation-arbitration as is commonly practiced for resolution of real estate related disputes in the State of California, whereby the place of arbitration shall be Sunnyvale (CA, USA), and the language of arbitration shall be English. If the arbitration results in a judgment that is more (less) favorable to the owner's position, Renter (Owner) pays for all related costs and court fees, except for Owner's (Renter's) legal counsel, if any.

House Details:

Address: 41053 Tallgrass, The Sea Ranch, CA 95497
Phone at Premises: 707-785-3807
Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms: 2 BR (1 master bedroom with K, 1 master bedroom with Q, and 3 BA (one with Jacuzzi tub/shower, one with regular tub/shower, one with shower stall);
wheelchair inaccessible due to split level floor plan and gravel in driveway and parking area.

Provisions and Restrictions:

  • Occupancy Restrictions: No more than 2 people, excluding infants under 6 months of age; children between 6 months and 16 years of age are not permitted. Exceptions and must be confirmed in writing.

  • Age Restriction: The person signing for renting of Bella Vista must be at minimum 35 years old.

  • Pets and Smoking: No pets are allowed under any circumstances (no exceptions; not even in the garage); smoking is not permitted inside the premises.

  • Amenities: Panoramic ocean views from all rooms, wood-burning fireplace, gas grill, 2 view decks, hot tub built into deck off MBR#1, 2-car garage with space for one care of guests, W/D, DW, microwave, large flat-screen TV, DVD, free world-wide (Internet based) phone and free high-speed (nominal 50MBps up and down) wireless Internet.

  • Recreational Equipment: We may occasionally permit Renters to use certain recreational equipment, such as bicycles. Such use is ALWAYS on a courtesy basis and at Renters’ own risk. Renters are respectfully requested to restore such equipment to the condition in which they found it.

Pricing and Availability:

The property is subject to price and availability changes without notice, until executed contract has been returned to the property owner. No reservation is confirmed until approved and the full deposit has been received. Time is essential. With the occasional exception of mailing checks, all communication is by e-mail. Guest is advised to set his spam control and/or e-mail system to accept mail coming from klaush@mcn.org.



Unless this is an on-line booking:
-- Two payments are required: a $400 refundable security Deposit and the rental Balance (consisting of the sum of (a) total rent, (b) cleaning/processing charge, (c) 12% transient occupancy tax on rent and cleaning fee, and a 3.5% Sea Ranch STR fee on rents).
-- Payment of the Deposit is required to hold the reservation and is only acceptable by credit card via PayPal (no cc card fee applies to this payment).
-- If the rental date is within 30 days from date of booking, payment of the rental Balance is due immediately and can also only be made via PayPal – no fee applies.
-- If the rental date is further out, the rental Balance is due no later than 30 days prior to the rental date and may be paid by personal check (U.S. Bank only) or by credit card via PayPal, in which latter case a 2% PayPal fee co-payment applies.
-- For all credit card payments, the Owner will issue a “Payment Request/Invoice” through PayPal via e-mail to the renter, upon which the renter can conveniently and utmost securely complete the payment; no PayPal account is required. A late fee of $50 may be automatically deducted from the deposit for any check payments received after the due date, and for any credit card payments delayed without reasonable cause more than 24 hours from the time the request was issued. If payment is not made within 5 days after the due date, the reservation will be canceled and the property will be opened up for other rentals, and money paid shall be forfeited. Reservations may be reinstated, and forfeited money reapplied, upon receipt of the amount due, if the property is still available, at the Owner’s discretion. You WILL NOT be reminded on any payment due dates except credit card payment of the rental Balance.

Entry yard of Bella Vista

Entry yard of Bella Vista

Cancellation Policy:

The time factor is critical in vacation rentals, and your reservation will hold this rental off the market for a period of time. For cancellations made more than 30 days prior to your arrival date, we will refund all rents paid but YOU WILL FORFEIT YOUR ENTIRE DEPOSIT. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OF RENT FOR CANCELLATIONS MADE LESS THAN 30 DAYS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL (i.e., you forfeit your entire rent, but we will refund your deposit and cleaning fee and TSR-STR fee, if your Rental Balance had been paid in full).
As a courtesy to our customers, in the event of a cancellation, the owner will work to find a tenant to occupy the vacated time reserved under this contract. If we are able to find a suitable tenant, we will refund the rent you paid to the extent, and for the number of days, for which we have found an acceptable tenant, as determined by the Owner, less a $100 service fee. The earlier you warn us that you may need to cancel, the better the chances of re-renting.
Furthermore, we will certainly work with you in the event that your cancellation is due to documented serious illness or other serious circumstances. THESE ARE EXCEPTIONS TO OUR POLICY TO BE EXERCISED AT THE OWNER’S SOLE DISCRETION.  We will also be lenient toward reasonable requests to change your rental dates.

You are responsible for your choice:

You agree to assume responsibility for transportation to the property. Inconvenience caused by weather, disruption of utilities, or road conditions do not invalidate this Rental Agreement, nor will they be basis for financial compensation. 
This vacation home is individually owned and managed. We have described our vacation rental in detail to the best of our ability, but we cannot make the decision for you and will not be responsible if you are not happy with your choice on arrival. The rent will not be refunded and cannot be transferred to another location.


Owner encourages fair and reasonable reviews in the website through which our valued renters found our home, provided that this website offers the possibility of renter reviews. Renter agrees not to post reviews accessible to the general public anywhere other than to that website without Owner's written consent. 


No pets are allowed anywhere inside the premises, including the garages or decks. If our housekeepers determine that a pet was inside the premises, you will automatically forfeit your entire Security Deposit. Furthermore, if this amount is insufficient to cover the expenses for shampooing and replacement of ruined carpeting, fabric and furniture, you will also be liable for the additional related expense

Smoking, Abalone:

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the premises, nor on the wooden decks. Abalone handling is not permitted inside the house and in the hot tub area, with the exception of the utility sink in the garage.  Pounding of abalone is not permitted on the kitchen countertops. If our housekeepers determine that these policies were violated, you will automatically forfeit your entire Security Deposit.  Furthermore, if this amount is insufficient to cover the expenses for related cleaning and repairs, you will also be liable for the additional related expense

Occupancy Limitations/Usage/Subletting:

The owners have set strict occupancy limitations (max 2 people, no children). Regardless of the number of sleeping accommodations available in the home, there shall be no additional occupant older than 6 months of age. If more persons occupy the premises who are not specifically authorized by the owners, or if an extraordinary gathering takes place at or on the premises, this may cause a forfeiture of the deposit and eviction. If an additional person was approved to stay at the property for any one or more nights during the rental period, the additional rent ($20/n/person) and tax applicable for the additional person will be computed and charged for the entire rental period. Any disturbance resulting in neighborhood complaints or Sea Ranch Association Security or police action, other illegal activities, damage to the vacation rental property, or violation of this agreement or of rules and regulations governing the vacation rental, will be considered sufficient cause for immediate termination of your stay, and all monies paid will be forfeited. Subletting is not permitted. This agreement does not create a tenancy; you can be removed from the premises without process of law if you do not depart at the appropriate time.

Reservation/Security Deposit:

A reservation/security deposit (“Deposit”) is required for all rentals and will be returned subject to, but not limited by the following:
(a) no damage occurred to the premises beyond normal wear and tear;
(b) no excess cleaning was required due to renters' negligence;
(c) no items are missing from the premises ($30 replacement fee each for missing Sea Ranch ID passes);
(d) garbage not removed from house; and
(e) there are no unpaid, late, or outstanding rent or other charges owing.
Any material breach of the rental agreement or the general or specific home rules during your tenancy may be, in the sole judgment of the owner, cause for forfeiture of up to the entire deposit. Deposit refunds are mailed within 21 days of departure; however, if refund can be issued via PayPal, it will usually be processed much sooner. 

Upon Arrival:

When you arrive, please check the vacation rental premises for cleanliness and damage. Read the About This Home materials (on TV stand or kitchen counter). Notify owner promptly of any significant problems or damage. You agree to leave the vacation rental premises in good condition and complete all items on the Check Out List prior to departure.

Check-In and Check-Out; Key:

Check-in time is 3:00 PM. Upon payment of all rental charges, you will receive the information to obtain entry to the premises. The check-out time is 12:00 PM. Late check out, unless pre-arranged with owner, is grounds for security deposit claims. Under rare circumstances, Owner may grant early check-in (12:00 noon) upon request.  See also http://searanchrentalhomes.com/acviews/FAQ-BV-checkin.htm.

Linens and Towels:

Available for your use; beds are made upon your arrival.

Cleaning/Processing/Housekeeping Charges/Policy:
Basic housekeeping service is included in your charges. You are expected to only do minimum common-sense cleaning chores (wash dishes or place in dish washer and activate washing cycle before departing; place furniture in original position; remove your foods from the refrigerator; remove your trash from the house (place in can, left at end of driveway); close windows, shades down, lock house).  It is requested, but not required, that you start the wash and dry cycles for the linens and towels you used from our supplies before you depart.

Hot Tub:

The hot tub is built into the deck off the master bedroom. To keep the hot tub heated during the duration of your stay will be free of charge. We will make every effort to keep it functioning but, as is the case for all appliances, we are unable guarantee this. Use of the hot tub is at your own risk. People who are sensitive to water-born skin irritations should refrain from using the hot tub

Maintenance Interruptions:

You agree to notify us immediately if a maintenance problem develops, so we can have it remedied as quickly as possible. Owners and Agent reserve the right to make repairs as necessary, and to enter the vacation rental with reasonable notice, or without notice during the hours of 9AM and 5PM if you cannot be reached. While Owner and Agent will make all reasonable efforts to rectify a maintenance problem as soon as possible, it may occasionally occur that, due to the nature of the problem and scheduling difficulties beyond Owners’ and Agent’s control, repair of a problem extends beyond the end of one rental into another rental period. No refunds apply in the event that an appliance or amenity of the rental home is unavailable during any part of the rental period, including, but not limited to, due to electric power and utility outages.

Use at Your Own Risk:

High Decks, Railings: 
Bella Vista is built on a sloping grade, and its view decks are more than 3 feet above grade. Even though the railings are highly secure, children are often inquisitive and prone to do the unexpected. Before you even realize it, they might, for example, push a chair against the railing and be in SERIOUS jeopardy. Young adults might get the craziest ideas of games to play on the deck areas, and renters and their guest might be impaired and in danger due consumption of drugs and/or alcohol ... 
The great room has a stair leading to a mezzanine with a clear-story window to the living room below; uncontrolled children might be in danger when playing in the mezzanine.
PLEASE KEEP YOUR CHILDREN -- if explicitly permitted during your rental of Bella Vista -- UNDER CONSTANT SUPERVISION. 

Use of Equipment, Slippery Decks:
Owners and their agents are not responsible for personal injury or loss, theft or damage to your belongings during your stay due to causes outside of Owners’ or Agents’ reasonable control, or due to unsafe use of the premises and amenities, including but not limited to the hot tub, Jacuzzi tub, shower stall, fireplace, gas grill, and view decks, recreational equipment, which may function different to how you expect them to function, and which USES ARE ALWAYS AND UNCONDITIONALLY AT YOUR OWN RISK. In particular, in the rainy season, slipperiness may build up on decks and outside stairs, causing conditions that may lead to personal injury.  Please understand that wooden decks can be slippery regardless of season. CONCOMITANT WITH YOUR RENTAL OF BELLA VISTA, YOU AGREE TO HOLD OWNERS HARMLESS IN THE EVENT OF RELATED INJURY OR LOSS, OR OF THEFT OR DAMAGE OF YOUR AND OUR PROPERTY. 

Use of the hot tub is at your own risk: 
Our hot tub is sanitized with a combination of ozone and bromine. While sanitation with ozone and bromine, each by itself, is highly effective, and the two are synergistic in their sanitation effect, there is always a finite possibility of an unforeseen malfunction out of our control. People who are sensitive to chemicals used for water treatment or water-born skin irritations should refrain from using the hot tub. 

Guests are not permitted to use Owner’s sports equipment or other gear that may from time to time be left in the garage (e.g., motor vehicle, kayak, raft, garden tools), except for unlocked bicycles. The owners and agent are not responsible for their renters’ and guests’ own and their children’s safety while at the rented vacation home. Guests are permitted to use the gas grill at their own risk, provided it is not used inside the house or garage and not on a wooden deck or wooden surface, and provided it is placed at least 12” away from the house wall when in use, and the grease catcher is in place and operable. 
Renter realizes that the garage door cannot be opened during a power outage. 

Utilities, Telephone, Internet:

Utilities are included in the rental price. You have unlimited free use of the telephone for local calls and free long distance (even international) calls. Cell phone coverage is by Verizon and other carriers (incl AT&T). Free wireless Internet is available; the password will be provided in the arrival communication package.

Resort Restrictions:

The Sea Ranch Association (TSRA) has become increasingly apprehensive about short term vacation rentals (“STRs”) and has initiated processes to severely restrict short term vacation rentals.  This is in response to increased numbers of complaints by members about disruptive and disrespectful behavior of vacation renters. To preserve the continued enjoyment of The Sea Ranch by means of vacation rentals, please help with observing these specific restrictions:

  • Guests agree to not use the rented premises for partying purposes. No visitors of renters may be on the premises after 9:30 pm.

  • Amplified music is not permitted on the decks at any time; even when used inside, the sound level shall be kept down so it does not carry to a disturbance at neighboring properties.

  • The flying of unmanned flying objects (drones) of any kind is prohibited (and subject to substantial TSRA fines payable by Guests).

  • Lighting can severely disrupt the enjoyment and privacy of neighbors. We respectfully request that guests turn all outside lights off when not required and reduce inside lighting as appropriate during late evening and night hours.

  • Neighborhood Nuisance Complaints resulting in TSRA Security or police notification, other illegal activities, damage to the vacation rental property, or violation of this agreement or of rules and regulations governing the vacation rental, will be considered sufficient cause for immediate termination of Guests’ stay, and all monies paid will be forfeited. no smoking on the trail system (year-round);

  • Trespassing onto neighboring properties or onto commons is prohibited (there are no fences; stay on trails);

  • The Speed Limit is 25 mph speed limit on all internal roads, except if posted otherwise; further respectfully reduce your speed when pedestrians are present.

  • Quiet time is required between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM

Renter will be responsible for all violations committed by his/her party.


Arrival: A code to a keyless entry device (on the front door) will be provided to you about 2 weeks prior to your scheduled rental date. First find and push the oval top "Schlage" button; the keys will then be illuminated. Enter the code and turn the knob clockwise to open the dead bolt. To lock, simply push the "Schlage" button and turn knob counter-clockwise. There is also a conventional key lock box, operable with the same code. It contains a mechanical door key which can be used in case the keyless entry system malfunctions. Additionally, a spare key is placed in a location which can be communicated to you in a phone call to a number given to you in the information package upon payment of all rental charges.

Departure: Follow the check-out list posted in the home -- disregard may result in claims on your deposit.